Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shakura Pigmentation Beauty

6.9.15 - Jcube Shakura Pigmentation Beauty

I went to an appointment at Shakura Pigmentation Beauty (Jcube Outlet) for free 1 session special treatment which I heard from 933 FM. I believe that it is really easy to get a free trial for first time. They keep calling me to make an appointment for a few times. So I was thinking that, since it is free then just go and give it a try. ( P/s: Please Please!! Don't be like me! Unless you can reject them! )

When I arrive there, they ask me to go in the consultant's room and wait, after that, one of the beauty consultant came in and use a machine to let me see the external skin and internal skin. And from what she said, she said my pigmentation is really serious and really need to cure it if not, it will slowly come out. And my skin is very yellow! But ya, I think this is because of internal problem (body system).

The reason of yellow skin: Not enough sleep, not healthy enough, etc (So, I guess go to see any traditional doctor will better than go to beauty saloon..) And of course need to keep yourself healthy. The main reason, please wash your face clean as always!

( After 1 hour or 2 hours ) - You can find any beauty procedure from any other blogs. (All the same)

I came out from the room after the pigmentation treatment. And the consultant ask me to sit inside the room and wait for her. After that, I think she's trying to persuade me to sign any package. But my main concern is I want to have deep clean on my face. And don't want any other treatments yet and have some commitment. Because I saw a lot bad review from Shakura (M'sia). So, she took out a plain paper and write $321 for 6 sessions which is $53.50 per session. And she got me!! I was think, ok.. Don't know how to reject her. So, I just paid for this 6 sessions! For normal facial.

Actually it was really scary to go any beauty saloon. Is like they will treat you as their treasurer, so no matter how, they will try to persuade you to get any package. I think her desire is my money more than concern about my face . This is what I think. But I remember that I went to a "spa beauty" last time, they not that harsh to let you sign anything. They will give you some private space and time to consider about it. If really want, then just get back to them.

So, I have no idea what will happen for next treatment. Hope everything will be ok and good. (Will be update again after next treatment..)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Choosing Which Path To Go

I'm 27 years old this year.. Means that after 2 years, I will be in 30..
I always think of what am i plan to do after 30? Continue working as an account admin?
As in, What's my interest? What's I enjoy to do? 
Of course, no people really like to work..
A lot people study business, account etc because of they can find a good job in future..
As in more stable..
Yea.. I really scare of theory! 
Hmmm.. Where should i go?
I guess I should save more and do some business..
Yea.. Or learn some cooking skill..
Do you?
What's you planning for future?
It's true that a lot of company require degree..
Of course diploma as well..