Thursday, November 17, 2016


這個是cocoa顔色(Maxim bluebox 14mm)
皮膚是用一款H+ Healing Cushion,是否感覺到有發亮呢?這個Cushion包含著保養品成分!而且不含礦物油~看到有人介紹的時候,真的當天就在qoo訂購了!!真的有這樣誇張~因爲剛好我在找防曬的~這個出現的正是時候嘛!

Friday, November 4, 2016

SANA Power Style Mascara

I've done some research regarding waterproof mascara which is not only waterproof but also can be smudge proof?

Sometimes I will put some eyeliner and mascara only for my daily make up which is very simple. So, I've been searching for some mascara that won't smudge! You know, for the weather in Singapore, it is really HOT and HUMID which same as Malaysia. I don't wish to become a panda after a few hours later. I understand that everyone wish to have a clear eyes after a whole day.

So, I've asked my bro help me bought this from Taiwan. Yea, cause I cant find it in Singapore yet.

SANA Power Style Mascara

Which look like this.

Not hard to put it on, and it will make my lashes become longer. (My lashes are very little but personally think quite long)

So, here's the photo is after I return home after 12 hours later?

As you see, It really claim as what it is? Can't really see panda eyes right? But I do notice that it will smudge a little bit?
So personally think that this is quite good. But the problem is, Singapore not selling this. >.<
I think you can get it from ebay or from taiwan.
If you know where can get this, you can drop your comment under this article too!

Thanks for spending your time to read~ :)