Monday, December 15, 2014

NOTHING - You need Nothing

A very cool design for the - NOTHING.

Just saw this from a news regarding NOTHING box (White and Black box) which is sold out for the black box and the white box cost 199 for the no.351-360Every single box has different number. I guess this is one of the reason that people are buying the box and also all of the box is unique and meaningful.

The box stated as Nothing means really nothing just a white and black box.

Isn't it cool? Maybe somebody think it is so stupid but this is regarding to design.

Design can be everything and anything. But the meaning of the NOTHING is means that, you need NOTHING because you have everything in life.

If you understand it, the value of the item will increase. But if you don't, the value of the item is zero.

And this is the website Just take a look.

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